Kanani Modern Tension Set Engagement Ring in 14K, 18K or Platinum


Brand: Luxe

Simply fabulous, one of our most popular tension rings. This is the design everyone wants but only a few are bold enough to get. Featuring 0.18ct diamonds hand-set in 45 degree chamfered edges on the sides, this is truly a unique ring. This one is sure to get lots of looks.

Our tension rings are made to hold over 14,000 lbs of pressure securing the center stone firmly in place leaving the diamond viewable from every angle. More visibility means more light and of course more sparkle!

Every tension ring is individually tested before leaving our studio and comes with a lifetime warranty against defects. Our rings are made of 14K, 18K and Platinum alloys, however our tension rings are blended with proprietary alloy blends and work hardened to make them much stronger than typical alloys used in traditional jewelry.

Because our rings are so strong we can only use gems with a hardness of 9 or greater. This includes natural diamonds (10), lab-grown diamonds (10), moissanite (9.5), sapphire (9), ruby (9) and emerald (9).

The Center Stone included is a 1 carat size moissanite. For diamonds or natural gems, please call us for pricing, (310)853-6963 or visit our website LuxeWholesaleDiamonds.com. Thank you!

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