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What Style of Engagement Ring Should You Give to Your Fiancée?

There comes a time in every man's life when they must use jewelry as a sign of their deep affection towards their special girl. Special occasions such as their engagement call for special jewelry. Since there’s no question about buying, the concern shifts to what style of engagement ring would be ideal for a man’s fiancée.



Should it be a plain solitaire diamond?  Something in yellow gold or white gold? How about platinum?


The choices available in most prime quality jewelry shops are so vast that they could be confusing. So, here’s a brief guide to help men make up their minds on what style of engagement ring to give to their fiancée.


The Four Cs Quickly Explained...


All engagement rings may be beautiful in the eyes of the engaged couple, but not all diamonds are equal. Step in to the world of diamonds, where major things to be aware of are the four Cs: cut, clarity, color, and carat. 


Cut is a characteristic of diamonds that does not occur naturally. In the hands of a skilled lapidarist or person who cuts gemstones, a good cut will give the diamond “fire” – the way that light enters and exits the precious stone, giving it an unusually attractive feature of light reflection.


Clarity refers to “blemishes” on the stone or within it, also known as “inclusions.” However, for purposes of grading, everything that affects the flawlessness of a diamond is known as an inclusion, which can include: cracks, bubbles, and other non-diamond minerals. An inclusion can also refer to a scratch or misdirected chip that was a result of the cutting process. Like wine, a clear diamond is the one that is most valued. It is important to note though, that not all inclusions can be seen by the naked eye. Inclusions are crucial for grading the diamond and assigning a corresponding worth to them. Never purchase a diamond with flaws or inclusions that are easily visible to the human eye.


Color refers to the hues and tones found in diamonds. The rarer the color, the more expensive they are. White is the most expensive diamond color, because it is considered “colorless.”


Carat refers to the weight, not the size of the diamond. The heavier the diamond, the more expensive it is.



Mounting and Style


Having a background of what to look for in a diamond now allows us to move on to mounting and style. Whether you choose to have the diamond mounted on yellow gold, white gold, or platinum is really a personal preference. There are some who enjoy seeing the contrast between yellow gold and the diamond. Others do not like any other color to distract from the diamond itself, and so they choose white gold or platinum.


As for style, most jewelry shops can show you choices that fall under these general categories: vintage, traditional, modern, unique, or matching band. You can also opt for a full solitaire (meaning the diamond stands alone on the mount) or a solitaire with side accents of other little diamonds.


The best way to find out why engagement ring design suits her best is to ask her friends or family members what styles she likes. If you're not sure, find a jeweler who will sell you a simple solitaire so you can propose and then trade in later towards a ring that is more custom suited to her liking.


The basic thing to remember when choosing an engagement ring for your fiancée is to choose one that will match her personality, whether she is romantic, sentimental, practical, or simply a sweet, fun-loving girl. Remember that diamonds last forever and it is expected that so will your love for your soon-to-be wife.

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