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Buying Wholesale Diamonds in the Los Angeles Diamond District.

A lot of people go to downtown jewelry districts such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto and many others to buy jewelry hoping to buy wholesale diamonds directly from the diamond dealers that sell to jewelry stores. While this strategy may yield a good deal, it's like finding a needle in a haystack. Going from booth to booth, you'll notice more retail transactions and not really wholesale. And each seller will have about 10-100 diamonds to choose from. And they most likely own some of these diamonds and have a vested interest in selling only these diamonds and nothing else and will do whatever is possible to "close the deal" to sell one of these diamonds to you today. A diamond wholesaler on the other hand has hundreds or thousands of diamonds in stock, and trades with diamond sellers all over the world, like a diamond broker. If you work with a diamond wholesaler you can get the very best diamond you're looking for at the very best price.

All the GOOD Diamonds are Upstairs!

If you're shopping on the ground level of these diamond districts, such as Los Angeles, chances are you're seeing the diamonds that were graded "last year" that for some reason or another no one wants. They could be graded "Very Good" cut but just not as nice as other "Very Good" cut diamonds. For some reason or another these diamonds floated down from the big diamond wholesalers upstairs to the retail levels to be sold and are not being traded "upstairs" where all the real wholesale diamond transactions take place. You need to be aware of this.

Maybe it's a Used Diamond?

if you're buying a GIA graded diamond and the deal just looks too good to be true, it probably is, especially if the grading report is 2 years old or more. The diamond could have light surface scratches that will impact the surface finish and give the diamond a lower polish grade. If the diamond needs to be re-polished, it could lose weight and suddenly that 2.00ct diamond re-polished is only a 1.96ct and worth $5,000 less. It's even possible a diamond could be chipped if it was not cared for, and re-cutting a chipped diamond will add a lot of expense, not to mention a lot of diamond weight loss. So one must exercise caution if buying a diamond that has an old grading report, especially if the price seems too good.

Luxe Wholesale Diamonds Los Angeles

Luxe is a diamond wholesaler located in the historic and prestigious 550 S. Hill St. Building. We are not open to the public for security reasons, but we will work with you to get the very best diamond possible. If you need to view a diamond, a private viewing with deposit can be arranged. Please call us at 888-389-3946.

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