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Custom Made Jewelry Project: Micro-Prong "Floating Diamond" Eternity Ring

This ring was designed for a customer who wanted a "floating diamond" style of a diamond eternity band without worrying about loss of stones. But they did not want a ring with 4 bulky prongs holding each diamond, so we created this design for them. 

This was the 3-D Rendered CAD drawing that was created for the customer. As you can see from the photo, the prongs appear very sharp looking almost like claws clutching each diamond, but they are later reshaped during the diamond setting process. The center prong is shared between the two adjacent diamonds, but the outside prongs hold each diamond individually.

The final product appears to be similar in design but the sharp micro-prong tips are perfectly shaped to be smooth and comfortable and not terribly visible. The result is a ring that has floating diamonds, very secure diamonds and a beautiful elegant look. Take a look at the final product below and let us know what you think!

John @ Luxe September 12, 2013 0 tags (show)

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