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Customer Asscher Shape Diamond Engagement Ring

Here at Luxe, we pride ourselves on offering the lowest prices for the highest quality diamonds. Luxe provides wholesale prices to the public and in doing so we offer prices that the big retail stores cannot match! Every piece that we make is custom made to each customers specifications which means that your piece is 100% unique. This pictures you see here are of a custom ring that was recently made for a customer. 

This ring features 14K white gold and a beautiful 1ct Asscher shape diamond. Each center stone diamond that we offer has been GIA graded ensuring it's authenticity. 

There are 36 accent stones on this ring for an additional .50cts of diamonds. 

Each piece that we make is made of hand cast gold ensuring the highest quality. Each diamond, no matter how small, is always set by hand. We never use machine-made gold or machine-set diamonds. 

If you're looking for the perfect diamond, please check out our Diamond Search page. 

Got questions about diamonds or custom pieces? Give us a call at 888-LUXE-WHO (888-589-3946).

Luxe Wholesale Diamonds - No one does "I Do" like we do!


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