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Vintage Inspired Custom Engagement Ring

Luxe Wholesale Diamonds is the only diamond dealer you'll ever need! We sell diamonds to the public at wholesale prices which ensures that you'll receive a price that big retail stores can't even come close to matching. We meticulously craft our custom, handmade jewelry from beginning to end. We start with finding the perfect diamond and crafting the perfect band in which the diamond will be set. The end result is sure to take your breath away. 

We recently helped a customer with a custom engagement ring. The customer wanted something that was vintage inspired and but would feel natural in this modern age. What you see below was the final result. 

The customer wasn't sure if they wanted yellow or rose gold so we made both for the customer to see with their own eyes. 

The detail on the shank was engraved completely by hand. The accent diamonds were set in accordance with the customer's wishes. There are six accent stones with total .30cts. 

The center stone is a beautiful 1ct diamond. The diamond is bright white. Light loves to sparkle all throughout every facet. 

*Spoiler Alert* - The customer decided on the Rose Gold

Not only do we create engagement rings but virtually every other kind of diamond jewelry as well. 

If you're ready to create the piece of jewelry of your dreams then call Luxe Wholesale Diamonds - Nobody does "I Do" like We Do!

Luxe Wholesale Diamonds - 888-LUXE-WHO (888-589-3946)

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