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Vintage Inspired Custom Engagement Ring

Luxe Wholesale Diamonds is the only diamond dealer you'll ever need! We sell diamonds to the public at wholesale prices which ensures that you'll receive a price that big retail stores can't even come close to matching. We meticulously craft our custom, handmade jewelry from beginning to end. We start with finding the perfect diamond and crafting the perfect band in which the diamond will be set. The end result is sure to take your breath away. 

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On Uranus and Neptune, it's raining solid diamonds.

Sometimes we earthlings can forget just how amazingly absurd our solar system is, and what I'm about to tell you should make you do a double take; on Neptune and Uranus, it rains solid diamonds. Read more.

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Two Massive Diamonds Unearthed In Lesotho Mine

Two diamonds, surpassing 100 carats each have been mined by Gem Diamonds Ltd at its Lesotho mine in Southern Africa. Read More.

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Crowdfunding for an Engagement Ring?

Crowdfunding. Everyone seems to be doing it nowadays. As crowdfunding has become more and more normal over the past few years we've seen some pretty crazy campaigns.
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